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First an introduction. My name is Neyir Cenk Gökçe and I am in the process of obtaining permanent residence in the individual (skilled worker) category in Canada. During my searches for information, both on the immigration process and Canada itself, I have spent hours on end on-line, and acquire a huge bookmark file. Not all the information I found, however, was either reliable or of any good--Sturgeon's Law, which dictates that 90% of everything is crud holds true, throughout the internet.

I decided that in the spirit of helpfullness I have encountered on the net, I should be doing something about this state of events. The first version of the attempt, which you can still reach from the link above, was very disorganized and had minimum of commentary. The second attempt is the Canadian Immigration WebRing and my last (so far) attempt is to reorganize my first file, adding commentary and rating the sites, as to my personal opinion of their information content and usefulness.

The basis of my maple scheme -^--^-(you didn't expect a star scheme at a Canadian site, eh? :-) is simple--5 leafs to the best information down to 1 leaf. This doesn't mean that sites with less maple leafs are bad--the bad sites I purposefully left out of this collection--it does mean that those sites somehow did not answer all my expectations on their subject matter, or fell victim to better organized sites having exactly the same information. Thus, for instance, some governmental sites have lower leafs than private sites, simply because the government sites did not provide the information I would like to get in-depth whereas the private site had done it.

My Canadian pages are basically taking two tracks--one being things generally about Canada and the other being stuff more related to immigrating to the number one country to live in the world, fourth time in a row, according to the United Nations Surveys. There is some unavoidable overlap between them--for instance the Canada Post homepage appears in both, since of the target audiences of the pages would benefit from them.

A short legend (also duplicated at the top of relevant pages) for icons near the links is:

[O] Government and/or Official Sites [P] Sites by Private Individuals [L] Lawyer/Immigration Consultant Sites [I] Immigration Information
[G] General Information [U]University Sites [C]Company Sites

Before taking one of the tracks by the below buttons, here is a small outline about what I have: (Lynx users would like to utilize these direct links as a faster way of reaching the pertinent parts, I guess.)


Immigration Process Overview
Newcomers' Information
Job Information
Citizenship Information
General Information About Canada
Canadian Weather


General Information About Canada
Canadian Governmental (Federal and Provincial) Sites
Canadian Companies
Job Information
Canada Related WebRings
Nice Pages By/For Canadians

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Canadian Immigration
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