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Don't come to Canada if you don't like snow!!! Actually, Canada does have places which have four seasons--it is just that these seasons come in unequal temporal distribution. Take a look at Canadian Weather before you do anything... :-)

Fortunately, you do not have to come to the Great White North to learn about Canadian Weather--there are many weather resources on the internet and I present you with direct links to the Canadian sections of such.

[O] [G] Canadian Weather Forecast from Environment Canada [E] [F]
[O] [G] The Weather Office - Environment Canada [E] [F]
[C] [G] Canadian Weather from The Weathernetwork [E]
[C] [G] Canadian Weather from The Weatherpost [E]
[C] [G] Canadian Weather from The Intellicast network [E]
[C] [G] Canadian Weather from The ! Imperial Units ! [E]
[C] [G] Canadian 5 Day Forecast from usatoday [E]
[C] [G] Canadian Weather from [E]
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