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Changing your country will change your life, that goes without saying. A new place, new people, new jobs and new problems are an integral part of the immigration process. And yet people do immigrate, and people do survive. We are in luck, since even only a few years back, it would be very hard to get in depth information about the country we are going to. Here are some links that might prepare you for Canada, and/or answer your questions about the Great White North.

Information for Newcomers to Canada

[O] [G] Fleet House Canada Customs Page
[C] [G] Canada Customs Manual, from excess-baggage.com
[P] [G] Ottowa Job Hunting page
[P] [I] Carolyn Poulter's Site
[P] [I] The Bans' Guide To Toronto
[P] [I] Toronto Immigration [tor-immi] Mailing List Archive
[C] [G] Moving To Toronto
[O] [I] Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC)
[C] [G] Hotels/Rooms, etc in NA
[O] [I] Metro Toronto
[L] [I] Canada DataBank
[C] [G] Residental Property Renting, www.duban.com
[C] [G] rentnet.com??
[P] [I] Stories from immigrants??
[P] [I] Thierry Duviver's Site Le Site De Thierry Duvivier French Français
[P] [I] Ton Ensink & Eline van Gelder's Vancouver Pages A Newcomers' Guide to British Columbia

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