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DON'T USE THIS PAGE, it is a clearing house for links I collect but didn't have time to classify!!!


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Miscelleneous Information

[G] Toronto Public Library
[G] Toronto Reference Library
[G] Toronto Life (Zine?) On-Line
[G] Surf Ottawa
[G] www.internetnews.ca 0
[G] Real Estate Broker
[G] Toronto net
[G] Toronto City Guide
[G] Toronto Information Guide.
[G] Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials
[G] Fleet House: Canada , travel magazine
[G] The Canadian Information Processing Society
[G] Electronic Frontier Canada
[G] CanadaIT Home Page
[G] Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
[G] Canadian Advanced Technology Association
[G] CanFind - free URL registry.
[G] Fax The Hill - Send faxes via e-mail to Parliament Hill. Cross indexed numerous ways.
[G] Service Inter Teck - Network (Lan,Man,Wan) installation for Novell, Windows (95,NT).
[G] Software Online - Canadian computer superstore
Dell Canada Leasing
How to maintain Canadian Residency
Computer Courses in Toronto
SoftTrain Institute
Electronic Labor Exchange
Importing a car to Canada (From BMW Ottawa)

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