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[O] Government and/or Official Sites [P] Sites by Private Individuals [L] Lawyer/Immigration Consultant Sites [I] Immigration Information
[G] General Information [U]University Sites [C]Company Sites [E] English [F] Français

[G] Canadian Business Directory
[G] Champlain - Canadian Information Explorer!
[G] Canada DataBank
[G] HandyGuide Canadian Pagesss
[G] Canadian 411
[G] Canadian Yellowpages
[G] Canadian Postal Codes
[G] WhoWhere International Directory
[G] Royal Canadian Web
[G] Commercial Web Sites in Canada
[G] Ottawa Online Ventures
[G] Canada's Shopping Mall
[G] Canada Online Directory - Internet Resource Guide
[G] Canadian Cyberpages Business Guide to Canada
[G] Canadian Directory of Professionals
[G] Canadian Government Information on the Internet
[G] Canadian Intergovernmental On-Line Information
[G] Canadian Language Schools and Colleges Canadisk Online
[G] Index - Alberta Business Index
[G] Info Guide
[G] NetStorm Technologies Inc - directory of businesses and organizations all over Canada
[G] Multiple Listing Zone - Canadian properties for sale, feature listings, and a Realtors Directory.
[G] Canadian MLS Real Estate on the Internet - Residential and Commercial properties for Canadian Real Estate Boards.
[G] Canadian Youth Business Foundation

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