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In today's world, it is almost impossible for some people to imagine life without the internet. There are two ways to get internet acccess--one is to pay an ISP for the service. The second one is to join your local freenet for a donation and help promote the community spirit freenets are based on. Here you will find information about the Freenets in Canada.


[O] Government and/or Official Sites [P] Sites by Private Individuals [L] Lawyer/Immigration Consultant Sites [I] Immigration Information
[G] General Information [U]University Sites [C]Company Sites [E] English [F] Français


[G] National Capital Freenet, Ottawa ON
[G] Toronto Freenet, Toronto ON
[G] Hamilton-Wentworth Freenet, Hamilton, ON
[G] London Freenet, London, ON
[G] Blue Sky Community Networks, Manitoba
[G] Muddy Waters Community Network, Winnipeg, MB
[G] Vancouver Community Network, Vancouver, BC
[G] Victoria Freenet, Victoria, BC
[G] Calgary Freenet, Calgary, AB
[G] Edmonton Freenet, Edmonton, AB
[G] Great Plains Freenet, Regina, SK
[G] Saskatoon Freenet, Saskatoon, SK
[G] St. John's InfoNET, St. John's, NF
[G] Frederickton Freenet, Fredericton, NB
[G] Chebuckto Community Network, Halifax, NS
[G] Club Libertel de Montreal, Montreal, QC
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