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Canadian Currency Converters

Canada uses dollars--Canadian dollars as the currency unit. The paper money comes in different colors and is pretty, but if you are used to seeing prices in other kinds of dollars, like US dollars, Aussie dollars, Kiwi dollars or any other currency unit, you might want to consider utilizing one of the below links to see how your currency compares to Canadian Dollars. The currency abbrevation of Canadian dollars is CAD, although CDN$ and C$ are also used to denote the pretty coloured bills.

[N.B. The Under Construction sign stays, since I have not yet been able to rank the sites and award them maple leafs]


scroll down to see more currencies

scroll down to see more currencies

[C] [G] Xenon Labs Universal Currency Converter ™ UCC
[C] [G] Oanda Currency Converter
[C] [G] Myna Currency Converter
[C] [G] Basta Currency Converter
[C] [G] Richey Currency Converter
[C] [G] Iesconet Currency Converter Not all currencies

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