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Banks--you can't do with them and you cain't do without them. Sooner or later, everybody needs a bank, especially in a country practicing free market economics, as Canada is. The banks I list below are not all banks in the traditional sense of the word--they include on-line banks and other financial institutions such as trust companies but all of them provide basic banking functions. If you have any additions/corrections to the below list, please don't hesitate to contact me.

[N.B. The Under Construction sign stays, since I have not yet been able to rank the sites and award them maple leafs]

Canadian Banks

[O] [G] Royal Bank of Canada
[O] [G] Bank Of Canada
[C] [G] Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - CIBC
[C] [G] Bank of Montreal
[C] [G] Scotiabank
[C] [G] Canada Trust
[C] [G] Toronto Dominion Bank TD
[C] [G] CitizensBank Virtual Bank

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